Documenting introduced stock feeds

You should ensure that all introduced stock feeds are accompanied by a Commodity Vendor Declaration (CVD). This is your guarantee that the feed you purchased is safe from chemical contamination.

The CVD needs to provide details of:

  • The chemical(s) used to treat the commodity
  • The rate and date of chemical application
  • The relevant WHP/ESI/Export Animal Feed Interval (EAFI) as shown on the chemical label

Click here to see a sample Commodity Vendor Declaration.

In the absence of a CVD it is important that the residue status of the stockfeed be determined and/or that the stockfeed is not fed to livestock that are to be sold for slaughter within 60 days from date of last exposure. Records of stockfeed activities should be maintained, including date, description of stockfeed, mob and/or paddock identification, etc.

Note: Keep records for a minimum of 3 years, in accordance with State legsilation or for the duration of the livestock on the PIC, whichever is longer.

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